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14 Effective Plugins for Photoshop

Photoshop is an amazing tool for producing the attractive images, high definition video and even creative 3D effect. Photoshop is a world of providing possibilities but even is worth of adding so many plugins in it to get more effects.

There are some plugins that are more useful to get awesome images, amazing videos and for the time savings.

1.Subtle Patterns : It is a quality library of free, tillable textured patterns by Atle Mo. It provides the functionality to feed all the text directly into your Photoshop panel. For this just click on the thumbnail and the texture is available as a layer style into your current layer. It only cost $11.99.

2.Renamy : Name your layer is first rule of Photoshop. But sometime you have to change your layer name that would be difficult for you, But with the Renamy you can rename multiple layer at a single moment.

3.Pixel Dropr : It’s gives you ability to create your own collection of icons, photos and drop them into Photoshop document when you are workin…

Protect your Business Listing at Google Places, Warned By Google

In these days Google Business help Forums have received many reports by Business owners about Google Place Listings that they are receiving mail forms Google with the Subject line: “Attention: 3 weeks left to save your Google Places Listing.”

Android competing with Apple’s IOS system in cars

Hey, There  is an announcement made by Google that it is in the collaboration with carmaker  Audi  to develop in-car  entertainment and information system that would be based on Android Operating system.
This announcement will be made officially  by next week at the Consumer Electronics at Las Vegas, and which will aim music and navigation system in-car integration which are currently available on Smartphones. According to Cnet, This collaboration will challenge Appel’s IOS system in cars, Which helps users to use their iphones as an receiver and for entertainment purposes.
This collaboration  has so far joined hands with  automakers like BMW, Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Infiniti and many more to integrate more iOS features into their cars. But Google Android power system will run on the vehicle's built-in hardware, whereas Apple’s OS requires an IOS device. According to the report this collaboration will kick off  Apple's infotainment system for cars as soon as 2014 and could b…

Update in Google Page Rank

Hey there is update by Google in Page Rank Toolbar; TheGoogle Page Rank toolbar updated in over 10 months, The Google Page Rank Toolbar was last updated in February 2013. Couple of months ago Matt Cut’s said we could see the updated Google Page Rank Toolbar in the end of the 2013 and here all we are Google just updated it’s Page Rank Toolbar in the morning of 6 December .
In the SEO community it’s always a big deal when Google announced such type of update in Internet Marketing and Page Rank Toolbar because the Page Rank Toolbar is clearly visible metric to determine the quality of website and how many good back links pointing on the website. Page Rank is only one of the most valuable quality factors that taken into account by Google’s search algorithm thus it is important not to obsess over it too much. Google Page Rank Explained by this

Features of Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

According to SAMSUNG report the SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 with coming with Dust and Water resistant, and also it comes in METAL BODY. This makes SAMSUNG in line with its competitors. Materials are use in it like Magnesium and aluminium. SAMSUNG is the only one of the top five Smartphone makers who uses the Plastic in its high-end models.
SAMSUNG Galaxy S5 coming with A 64-BIT PROCESSOR, this processor first used by APPLE in I phone S5. So now SAMSUNG decided to use this processor in upcoming Galaxy S5. New feature added in Galaxy S5 that is SUPER-SENSITIVE CAMERA.
Super-Sensitive camera has 13 MP that is same in megapixel count with the S4’s camera. Features of Super-Sensitive camera far superior anti-shake image stabilization. In fact, this camera can supports anti-shake correction of up to 1.5 degrees, while existing image stabilization for other Smartphone’s is 0.7 degrees top. It’s sensor is more effective in low light than Samsung’s current 13  MP camera and the outputting image of Supe…

Avoid Risky links with Link Detox Genesis Algorithm

Link Detox is almost ready to launched. The Link detox Genesis is a Algorithm that filter’s the unnatural and Risky link and show them to the webmaster. What is Link Detox and how it works for the Webmaster’s? Link Detox is a Algorithm that find out the Toxic, Risky and unnatural link in link detox. It is a new start of whole new era to help finding the Risky and Toxic link and present them towards the web masters. This introduces all the new methods to evolving the improve detection of unnatural link.

Link Detox is a data driven organic Algorithm that will call link toxic, risky or suspicious depending on the risk level against naturalism. Risk calculation can vary depending per link, so the dynamic risk level may be increase.

HTC Desire with BoomBass

As the news comes that smartphones maker don't stop to release new phones as compare to old one.The first announcements of smartphone we here from IFA in Berlin this week comes from HTC.

Firstly Samsung ,Apple and now HTC release HTC Desire 601 and 300 with Vivid Blue HTC One Mini. HTC Desire 601 is comes in Dual sim with Android 4.3 jelly been also known as “Zara” and the size of Desire 300 same as HTC One Mini. The Desire 300 packing a 4.3 inch with dual core processor and have 5-megapixel camera. HTC Desire 601 available in approx 51000.

HTC also provide their expanding accessory lineup with the BoomBass Bluetooth-enabled subwoofer. The BoomBass Bluetooth-enabled subwoofer are nice when showing of videos we capured or watched on youtube with family and friends. HTC was launched Bluetooth-enabled subwoofer with dedicated amplifire that was made for improve the BoomSound experience.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung decided to launched Galaxy Gear Watch to use it with the Notepad 3.This allows user to attend and reject the call through the Galaxy Gear Watch. User don't want use their Notepad phone for call.

Android KitKat

The news comes as a surprise as the firm had previously indicated version 4.4 of the OS would be Key Lime Pie but they changed its name to KitKat, Because Google made a decision to produce its Software with the name of Nestle Chocolate Bar which is look like a marketing group for both. Rather John lagerling the head of Android Google partnership announced that it's not a money changing kind of deals.

Android always announced his version in the alphabetical order and now this time it’s KitKat because Android don’t want to announce its 5.0 version as Key Lime Pie so Android Published its new version as KitKat.