Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Avoid Risky links with Link Detox Genesis Algorithm

Link Detox is almost ready to launched. The Link detox Genesis is a Algorithm that filter’s the unnatural and Risky link and show them to the webmaster.
What is Link Detox and how it works for the Webmaster’s?
Link Detox is a Algorithm that find out the Toxic, Risky and unnatural link in link detox. It is a new start of whole new era to help finding the Risky and Toxic link and present them towards the web masters. This introduces all the new methods to evolving the improve detection of unnatural link.

Link Detox is a data driven organic Algorithm that will call link toxic, risky or suspicious depending on the risk level against naturalism. Risk calculation can vary depending per link, so the dynamic risk level may be increase.

Sandeep Sharma

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