Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Update in Google Page Rank

Hey there is update by Google in Page Rank Toolbar; The Google Page Rank toolbar updated in over 10 months, The Google Page Rank Toolbar was last updated in February 2013. Couple of months ago Matt Cut’s said we could see the updated Google Page Rank Toolbar in the end of the 2013 and here all we are Google just updated it’s Page Rank Toolbar in the morning of 6 December .
In the SEO community it’s always a big deal when Google announced such type of update in Internet Marketing and Page Rank Toolbar because the Page Rank Toolbar is clearly visible metric to determine the quality of website and how many good back links pointing on the website.
Page Rank is only one of the most valuable quality factors that taken into account by Google’s search algorithm thus it is important not to obsess over it too much.
Google Page Rank Explained by this

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