Saturday, January 10, 2015

American Horror Story Recap: Neil Patrick Harris As He Came, He Sawed, and Even Conquered the Twins with His Butt; Two Hands Cut Off and Two Dead Cops

Here's the latest American Horror Story Recap. Using his devil's charm (as opposed to devilish charm?), some lipstick that looks good on him, a ventriloquist dummy that looks like Jamie Brewer, a great sawing hand, and a really great looking butt, Neil Patrick Harris makes his debut on American Horror Story: The Freak Show as the magician character, Chester. And faster than you can say 'hocus pocus' (as opposed to 'abracadabra'), expect some defrocking and even more gore, like chopped hands and dead cops.

As the episode, "Magical Thinking" started, there's a flashback scene that ends up with Jimmy the lobster boy getting both his hands chopped off. The scene that shows Jimmy waking up in the hospital tied to the bed and screaming as he sees his chopped of stumps is priceless. Then you'll get to see Jimmy's transfer back to jail before being intercepted by Amazon Eve and Dell. A rock is thrown at the cruiser's windshield, and the two escorting cops are beaten to death. Didn't we say more gore?

And then there's Desiree and Maggie revealing to Elsa that it was Dell who smothered Ma Petite - even showing the poor thing's body as proof - and this gets Dell a bullet in the brains courtesy of Fraulein Mars.

Enter war veteran, slash, former salesman, slash, wannabe magician, slash, handsome chameleon and charmer, Chester, in need of a job. Now, the Tattler sisters have already gotten rid of their diaries and have gone into telepathy with each other (Why didn't they think of this before?), and are long overdue for deflowering their virginity. Elsa was impressed with Chester's math skills, so he's hired as a bookkeeper and front act crowd warmer. The Tattler sisters are all but smitten.

Chester sweet talks Dot and Bette into becoming his assistants during his saw-the-lady-in-half illusion; afterwards, the Tattlers throw themselves at him. The sex scene is weird (except for Chester's beautiful butt) since he gets flashbacks of him watching his wife having sex with someone else, and needs the puppet dummy to perform, but perform he does and rises to the occasion in the deflowering.


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