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'Arrow' season 3 episode 10 spoilers: Will Oliver die in new episodes?

In "Arrow's" last episode, fans cringed when they saw their beloved superhero fall off a cliff. Did Oliver Queen finally meet his demise? Is Oli really gone? That's highly doubtful, given that he is the central character of the show. So, what's going to happen then? 

The sneak peek already gave a tease as to how Oliver will return to Starling City. But of course, the promo didn't give all the details away. Everyone will have to wait for "Arrow" to return for its mid-season premiere in January to find out what really happens. Thus, for now, speculations should do. 

One of the things that make "Arrow" season 3 episode 10 special is that it is co-written by Marc Guggenheim, one of the showrunners. Via Twitter, he teased followers back in October with a photo that showing his name written as a co-writer on the script for "Left Behind." And fans of the show would know that when Guggenheim writes an episode, it's going to be crazy good. 

"Left Behind" will pick up right where episode 9 left off — Oli on a cliff badly injured after his fight with Ra's al Ghul. While everyone knows that Oli won't die, the real question is, who will help him or save him? Some speculate that it will be Ra's himself, while others think that it would be Maseo Yamashiro a.k.a. Sarab that will bring Oli to the Lazarus Pit. 

Meanwhile, over at Starling City, chaos gets worse due to Arrow's absence. Roy Harper a.k.a. The Arsenal will have to step up and be the hero of the city for the meantime. In fact, Guggenheim told Entertainment Weekly that The Arsenal will play a major role in episodes 10, 11 and 12. Does this mean it will take three episodes before Oli returns? 

Guggenheim also shared that Thea Queen and Felicity Smoak will have more screentime next year when the show returns. 

"They'll be sharing quite a bit of screen time in 2015, and it's very interesting," he told TV Line.

"Arrow" season 3B will air starting Jan. 21, 2015 on The CW.


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