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Things To Be Know for Payment Gateway

Payment gateway, in simple words, is a virtual window between a customer and merchant, in which customers pays the soft cash to merchant for its goods and services by credit cards, debit cards and net banking.  In the present scenario of e-commerce world, it is reliability provider for both customers and as well as merchants.

How it works? It is a quite a complex technical thing, very long algorithm and hard to be understand but ease to use. For merchants payment gateway is increasing serviceability to their customers by cashless shopping.  this blog is about to discuss using a payment gateway for merchants. The things to be keeping in mind.


It is main thing to be ensure before sign up or registering a payment gateway for your business.  In the payment a customer has share its all payment details they should be safe it is also merchant’s responsibility. Payment gateway should follows the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Technical Capability

It is needed to be know how they process payments. The process payments is vital hence some payment gateways entertains the card information in a secure packet known as iframe which is 128 bit SSL secured and delivered the information to the related banks directly and some gateways take customers to their servers to save their details for future transactions. It is informative thing a merchant should be aware. There are some more questions and queries that should be cleared alike- types of cards accepted by payment gateway, reports and detailed information could be given or not, currency conversion issues etc.

Look and Feel

The interface of gateway is should be matched with merchant’s web present interface. It is thing that ensures merchants presence at the payment gateway. The look and feel of the web page is matters to merchant’s relationship with the customers.


The last thing, it matters to the merchant. The aspects of pricing are vary according to the payment gateway like transaction fee, implementation cost, maintenance.

Transaction fee can be beard by the customers as per merchants business, or could be beard by merchant’s for the whole number of transactions or some share of total amounts. Implementations cost is cost born by the merchant, as the interface process and output is as per merchants’ demand an requirement and maintenance cost is not different thing, it is a fixed annual.

Last but not the least the payment gateway chosen by you is able to fly high as you. 

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