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110+ Google Now Voice Commands You Can Use

Google Now is Google’s answer to Siri. It is a smart, virtual, voice-enabled personal assistant developed by the search giant and acts as a handy add-on to the pure Android experience. It integrates well with Google’s services to provide you with updates and other information as per your preferences.

With Google Now, you become ‘Aladdin‘ while it is the ‘Genie of the magic lamp‘. All you need to do is say “Okay Google” to your device to open Google Now. Then, you say one of the magical voice commands to Google Now just as you were Aladdin making a wish. The microphone icon starts pulsing – giving you an indication that your phone (powered by Google Now) is listening. You give a command, and it does the required actions to complete the given task.

Let’s have a look at the collection of over more than a 100 ‘magical’ voice commands which provides you with touch-less control for your Android phone or tablet. The Voice commands below are categorized accordingly for easy navigation.

General Information

“Search for [WordPress hosting]?
“Say [where is the movie theatre] in [French]?”
“How do you say [hello] in [Spanish]?”
“What is [Android]?”
“Who invented [the computer]?”
“Define [contemporary]“
“What is the meaning of [world]?”
“Who is married to [Barack Obama]?”
“Stock price of [Google]“
“What is [Twitter] trading at?”
“Author of [Da Vinci Code]“
“How old is [Tom Cruise]?”
“Where was [Martin Luther King Jr.] born?”
“Show me pictures of [the Taj Mahal]“
“Post to Google+ [I'm loving it]“
“Post to Twitter [Google Now is awesome!]“


“Open [Calendar]“
“Launch [Hangouts]“
“Take a [picture / photo / selfie]“
“Record a video”

Notes & Reminders

“Remind me to [buy groceries] at [6 PM]“
“Remind me [when I get / next time I'm at] [home / work / other location] [to call John]“
“Note to self: [My password for is 123456]“

Alarms & Calendar

“Set an alarm for [6 AM]“
“Set a timer for [30 minutes]“
“Wake me up in [2 hours]“
“Create a calendar event: [Party with Colleagues] [Sunday at 9 PM]“
“When’s my [next meeting]?”
“What is my schedule for [tomorrow]?”

Time & Date

“What time is it in [San Francisco]?”
“When is the sunset [in London (optional)]“
“What is the timezone of [Hong Kong]“
“Time at [home / work]“


“Call [Sara]“
“Call [the Asian Art Museum]“
“Call [mom / dad / wife / uncle / aunt ...]” (Relationship must be added for your contacts)
“Send [email] to [Storm], [Subject: Meeting], [Message: Re-scheduled to 5PM]“
“Send [SMS] to [Sam mobile], [don't forget to buy movie tickets]“
“[Contact name]“
“Find [Sam's] [phone number / email / address]“
“Listen to voicemail”
“When is [Mary's] birthday?”


“What’s the weather like?”
“Do I need an umbrella today?”
“Is it going to rain [tomorrow / Monday]“
“What’s the weather in [California]?”
“How’s the weather in [New Jersey] on [Thursday] going to be?”

Maps & Navigation

“Map of [London]“
“Where’s my hotel?”
“Find the [Eiffel Tower]“
“Where is [the Louvre]“
“Show me the nearby [shopping mall] on map”
“Navigate to [London] on car”
“How far is [Washington] from [California]?”
“Directions to [address / business name / other destination]“
“What are some attractions in [New York City]?”

Calculations & Conversions

“[arithmetic expression] equals”
“How much is [10] times [15]?”
“What is [32] percent of [1024]?”
“Square root of [441]“
“What is the tip for [90] euros?”
“Convert [currency / length ...] to [another currency / length ...]“


“How are [the New York Yankees] doing?”
“When is the next [Los Angeles Lakers] game?”
“Show me the [Premier League] table”
“Did [Bayern Munich] win their last game?”

Flight Information

“Flight [AA 125]?”
“Flight status of [AA 125]“
“Has [LH 210] landed?”
“When will [AA 120] land / depart?”
“Show me my flights”

Web Browsing

“Go to [Tech Crunch]?”
“Open []“
“Show me []“
“Browse to []“


“Listen to / play [Gangnam Style] by [PSY]?”
“YouTube [how to cook chicken]?”
“Who acted in [Clash of the Titans]?”
“Who is the producer of [Gladiator]?”
“When was [The Last Airbender] released?”
“Runtime of [Avatar]“
“Listen to TV”
“What’s this song?”
“What songs does [Britney] sing?”
“Play some music”
“Watch [Toy Story 2]“
“Read [the Aesop's Fables]“
“What movies are playing [tonight]?”
“Where is [Thor] playing?”


“Help me”
“Where’s my package?” (tracking confirmation must be in Gmail)
“Show me the menu for [Los Cubanos]“

Easter Eggs

“When am I?”
“Do a barrel roll”
“What’s the loneliest number?”
“Make me a sandwich!”
“Sudo, make me a sandwich!”
“How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.”
“Beam me up, Scotty!”
“Tilt / Askew”
“Up up down down left right left right”
“Tea, Earl Grey, hot” (That’s a hard one)
“Go go gadget [app name]“
“When does the narwhal bacon?”
“What is the Bacon number of [random actor]?”
“What does the fox say?”
“What is the nature of the universe?”
“Who’s on first?”
“Lions, and Tigers, and Bears…”
“Who are you?”
“What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?”


Voice commands are not only useful in various situations, but they also prove to be fun sometimes. You can even experiment with various commands by using different phrases, and you’ll be surprised at how much Google Now understands you. Start using voice commands on your Android device and take a leap forward to the future of mobile technology.


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