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Tesla Model D: 5 best features of Elon Musk’s new electric car

Tesla revealed its latest D Model, which is essentially an upgraded version of Model S electric sedan, having a dual motor and several new smart functions including some autonomous driving functions.
The new Tesla electric car, unveiled on Thursday by the company’s wunderkind CEO Elon Musk, is the by far its fastest model, and has a range of new smart functions.
Some were left disappointed that The D – which is actually called Model S P85D – is essentially an upgraded version of Model S electric sedan.
Rumours of a self-driving car may have been a little off the mark, but The Model D does introduce certain autonomous vehicle capabilities.  
Here are the five best reasons to be excited for Tesla’s new supercar.

When a driver uses their turn signal, the car will change lanes all by itself. When a driver is drifting from its lane, the car will steer you back to the straight and narrow

It’s really fast

This is Tesla’s fastest car ever, and actually one of the fastest sedans ever, electric or otherwise. The Model D’s dual motors enable it to hit 60 miles per hour in just 3.2 seconds.
That acceleration is as fast as a McLaren F1, and even faster than a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.
Tesla has built an honest-to-god electric sports car.  Elon Musk told USA Today: “It’s like having your own personal roller coaster.”

Safety first

Autopilot, as Tesla have quite succinctly named it, is the Model D’s brain.
It uses a forward mounted radar, a camera and 12 sensors with a sight range of 16 feet all of which are connected to the streering, brake and GPS.
This Model D brain improves safety, as well as giving the driver some treats that we’ll get into shortly.
The car can detect and avoid pedestrians, and will also brake to avoid collisions with vehicles up in front.
Musk said the sensors can “see a small child, or even a dog” even when it’s at full speed.

Lane change, and speed signs

These are a couple of cute additions to the Model D, with the car essentially showing how smart it is.
When a driver uses their turn signal, the car will change lanes all by itself. When a driver is drifting from its lane, the car will steer you back to the straight and narrow.
The car’s sensors will read speed limit signs to keep the car’s powerful dual motors in check.

Parking made easier

For the laziest drivers, parking can become a thing of the past.
You can get out of your car in front of your home and the car will pull in all on its own.

Drive for longer

Unlike gas-cars, the Tesla electric Model 5 has longer battery life because of its four-wheel drive – 10 whole miles, in fact.
The P85D that debuted can get 275 miles at 65 mph from a 60 kWh battery whilst the lowest-of-the-new-range can get 225 miles from that same charge.

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