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Taylor Swift Talks Epic Karaoke Night With Prince William and Jon Bon Jovi: "I Died"—Watch!

Remember that one time Taylor Swift got on stage and sang "Living on a Prayer" withPrince William and Jon Bon Jovi? Of course you do, how could you forget?!

Her royally epic karaoke night was one of the talking points during her appearance on The Graham Norton Show recently, when the show host brought up how the singer was part of what may be one of the "poshest sing-alongs" of all time. And we, along with Taylor, would have to agree.
"Yeah, it was insane, and I was very nervous for the whole thing because it was at Kensington Palace and it was my first, sort of, royal encounter of sorts," Taylor explained in the clip exclusively obtained by E! News. "Jon Bon Jovi was on stage and he was about to sing 'Living on a Prayer' and he kinda pointed to Prince William and said something like, 'I hear you like to do this at karaoke night, karaoke boy."
Dominic Lipinski - WPA Pool/Getty Images

She continued, "He starts the song and Prince William looks over at me and says, 'I don't remember it now. It's all gone now. I don't remember the song now.' Kinda freaking out a little bit. He just looks at me and is like, 'You gotta go with me' and I was like, 'OK,' and we got up there and started singing 'Living on a Prayer.' Like, I died."
The young super star, who was looking like a radiant princess in a gorgeous long gownduring the memorable event, was there for the Winter White Gala at Kensington Palace in London, where she performed for the 200-person audience during the charity dinner (prior to her awesome karaoke number, of course).
A short clip of this magical moment first surfaced online after someone in attendanceposted a video on Instagram. "Classic Tuesday night with Jon Bon Jovi performing 'Living on a Prayer' with Taylor Swift and HRH," the caption read.
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