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'Supernatural' Season 10 Spoilers: Winchester Brothers Have Family Talk, Demon Dean Hurts Sam With Words In Episode 3 'Soul Survivor' Video Clip

Dean Winchester's (Jensen Ackles) brotherly love for Sam (Jared Padalecki) is gone in the video clip for "Supernatural" Season 10, episode 3 titled "Soul Survivor." The Winchester brothers have a family talk but Dean's dark side gets to Sam as the demon taunted and hurt the younger Winchester with words.

The video clip begins with the brothers in the Men of Letter bunker where Sam is trying to bring back Dean. However, demon Dean tells Sam that he can just stop because there is no point in bringing his brother back and he loves the new "Lean Mean Dean" body suit.

The Mark of Cain appears to be taking over Dean Winchester completely as the demon showed his dark side once again. This time, demon Dean hurt Sam and his feelings when he talked about the Winchester family.

Demon Dean told Sam that the reason why he left is to get away from Sam's whining and complaining. "I chose the King of Hell over you. Maybe I was just tired of babysitting you, or always having to yank your lame ass out of the fire since forever," demon Dean stated.

Then, demon Dean blames Sam for the death of their mother. "Maybe it was the fact my mother would still be alive if it wasn't for you. It's your very existence sucked the life out of my life," Dean declared. Sam responded that the person he is talking to is not his brother.

Demon Dean insists that Sam never had a brother and even suggested that it was just an excuse for Sam to not man up. Then, demon Dean also expressed distaste over the way that their father, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), raised them after Sam told him that the Winchester family is all they ever had.

"Here's a man who brainwashed us into wasting our lives, fighting his losing battle," demon Dean taunted. Sam ended the conversation by injecting blood in demon Dean which is his way of yanking his lame ass out of the fire. Watch the heartbreaking "Supernatural" Season 10, episode 3 "Soul Survivor" video clip below.

In a Hypable report, the official episode synopsis for the upcoming episode reads: "JENSEN ACKLES RETURNS TO THE HELM AS DIRECTOR - Sam (Jared Padalecki) continues his efforts to save Dean (Jensen Ackles) from the Mark of Cain. Crowley (Mark Sheppard) realizes Dean's demonic antics are starting to cause problems for him in Hell so he searches out an unlikely ally - Castiel (Misha Collins)."

Additionally, the promotional stills shared in the report showed an injured Castiel and Hannah (Erica Carroll), Castiel in the Men of Letters bunker with Sam perhaps seeing the demon Dean for the first time and actor Jensen Ackles taking on his directorial position. Click HERE to see photos.

"Supernatural" Season 10, episode 3 titled "Soul Survivor" is scheduled to air on Tuesday night, Oct. 21, at 9 p.m. ET on the CW Network.

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