Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Google Now Allows You To Disable The Sitelinks Search Box


In the starting days of September, Google launch the Sitelink search box that gives webmaster the capacity to control how Google handles searches conducted within the search within this site, in the snippet area of Google search result. Google now gives the control to the webmaster to disable the feature completely.

For example, if you search for in Google, Google will add a box under the first YouTube result, that lets you search within just the domain, this also known as a site command search. Developers have more control over how those searches work and if they land on your internal site search pages or not.
Now, as spotted by Menashe Avramov, Google included a new feature to disable the sitelinks search box from showing up completely.
By the using a new Meta tag you can disable the Sitelink search feature names nositelinkssearchbox.
Here is the meta tag for Webmasters.
<meta name="google" content="nositelinkssearchbox">
Those Webmasters who add this tag to their site, will communicate to Google not to show a sitelinks search box when your site appears in the search results. The sitelinks search box will be disabled as part of the normal Googlebot crawling and processing of the page, which can take a few weeks depending on the site and other factors.

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